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Curriculum Vitae

CDT Thanos Chatiras completed his studies as a dental technician in 2013 at the Athens Technical University, since then he has been active in the industry & manages the dental laboratory Dental Pro Lab.

It maintains successful partnerships with major clinics, dental companies and educational institutions in Greece, Europe and the UK.

As he believes in continuous education & life-long learning, he continues his studies in the fields of dental technology-dentistry, administration-leadership and education.

He has been certified for his training by groups such as Ivoclar Vivadent, Bredent group, 3Shape, ZirkonZahn, Heraeus Kulzer, and others.

In the field of education, he gives speeches and practical seminars in collaboration with important companies in the dental field, from which he is certified as a lecturer and for conducting professional training courses.

What certifications can your laboratory provide?


ISO 9001:2015


A quality management system adapted to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 was studied, installed & applied.

By following the work protocol, we have created we can guarantee the success of restorations for 2 years. We thus assume all responsibility & replace immediately in case of failure.

The guarantee is given on the condition that the clinical stage "Standard test, control & approval of design by clinician & patient" is followed as well as the necessary rehearsals before completion.




We are certified with the 3Shape TRIOS Ready seal for the correct processing of your digital scans.



ZirkonZahn Hellas

We are certified as official trainers & partners of the ZirkonZahn Hellas dealer for CAD-CAM systems & their materials.




We are certified as Systems Consulting & International Instructor by Bredent for the materials of the Physiological prosthetics philosophy.



Eco Friendly

We work with ecological awareness and respect for society. We recycle, save energy and choose techniques and materials with a low ecological footprint.




All the raw materials we use have a declaration of conformity of the European Union CE.


How long it takes for the restorations to be completed?

Work timetable

Monolithic restorations 7 days
Cut-back & layering restorations +2 days
Implant cases + 3 days
Cases with a pink aesthetic + 3 days


Delivery time refers to business days and does not include shipping time.

How to send you cases?


Analog impressions:

 We use DHL's overnight service, and all jobs are delivered in one working day.


   • Contact us one day in advance to schedule your fingerprint collection by our partner.


Digital impressions:

  You can send us your scans through the platforms:
     • 3Shape Communicate
     • MeditLink
     • stn files via WeTransfer to the email cases@dentalprolab.gr


What is your lab protocol?



The careful planning and study of each stage guarantees the success of the final restoration and the full coverage of the patients' expectations. For this reason, we have created a protocol that allows us to have consistently reliable results in every restoration.
The stages followed are the following:


Study Casts - Diagnostic Wax

With casts and diagnostic wax-up, a study is done before the incident begins, in this way the difficulties and problems that will have to be dealt with are identified.


Digital Smile Design

The digital design of the final image of the patient using dental photographs and precise measurements.


Mock Up

A model (mock-up), of a prosthetic design, is made before the preparation of the teeth, which applies over the natural dentition of the patient. Used to demonstrate, test and evaluate design and functionality as well as conservative and selective preparation of teeth.


Dental Photography

There is often confusion during the color selection process in a prosthetic job, as well as in transferring the information to the lab. It is therefore necessary to take the photos under the appropriate lighting conditions and in the correct way. With our experience in the use of dental photography and the recognition of shades of ceramic materials we are able to advise you on how to fulfill this purpose to fully reproduce the color of natural teeth in the prosthetic restoration.


Choice of restoration material

Our laboratory is proud to have available the entire range of materials that modern dentistry has to offer. Always pioneers and with a lot of experience in materials, we can recommend the right one for each occasion as well as many alternatives.


PMMA - Temporary restoration

The temporary restoration is necessary not only to cover the patient until the final construction is made, but it offers us useful diagnostic information such as: 
    • positions, shape and size of the teeth, 
    • levels in relation to soft tissues, 
    • occlusion and voicing,
    • control and modify emergence profiles.


Final restoration

Having carried out the above stages we can guarantee the success of the restorations for 2 years. Therefore, in the rare event of a failure, we act immediately to replace them.


Order Form


By completing the order form you are giving us all the information we need to keep our record up to date and to minimize the chance of error in communication.

You also allow us to start manufacturing the prosthesis immediately upon receipt, without losing valuable time.


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